COVID-19 has been rough on us all, and we know you may not be ready to invite vendors back into your building. Thats why we are offering you a virtual estimate. Simply enter your buildings information, to the best of your knowledge, and we’ll send over a customized quote for your cleaning needs. Know rough, but not exact, square footages? No problem! We will always verify measurements prior to completing your service. We never want you to be surprised!
We employ a low moisture system that combines a high quality encapsulant with top of the line equipment. Our carpets are dry to the touch within two hours, and you can walk on them immediately.​
We gently scrub your carpet, loosening dirt while working our encapsulant to the base of the carpet fibers. The result? Carpet that is noticeably cleaner. No more spots that reappear. No dirty traffic lanes appearing prematurely. Just cleaner carpet.​
At Affinity, we understand that COVID-19 has placed a major hardship on all businesses. We offer affordable carpet and floor cleaning, at the highest quality, making it the best value.

Submitting Your Information for a Virtual Estimate

It is our goal to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.  With that goal in mind, please reference the following information:

  1. When entering square footage information, please be as accurate as possible.  Accuracy will ensure you receive an estimate that you can base decisions on.
  2. Please enter the square footages for the floor types you wish to have cleaned in their appropriate section.  If you are unsure of the type of floor you have, feel free to call us at 775.870.3868.
  3. If you unsure how to calculate square footages, please call us at 775.870.3868.  We will be happy to explain methods of calculating square footage.