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Features You'll Love


We employ a low moisture system that combines a high quality encapsulant with top of the line equipment. Our carpets are dry to the touch within two hours, and you can walk on them immediately.


We gently scrub your carpet, loosening dirt while working our encapsulant to the base of the carpet fibers. The result? Carpet that is noticeably cleaner. No more spots that reappear. No more dirty traffic lanes way sooner than they should be. Just cleaner carpet.


At Affinity, we understand that COVID-19 has placed a major hardship on all businesses. That is why we want to help. We're taking our already unbeatable quality and value to the next level. New commercial clients, who book service in June, will automatically be given 60 days to pay.

We know this is going to have a huge impact on your business. It will allow you to welcome back your employees and customers to a safer and more comfortable environment.

What Clients Are Saying

I’m a restaurant manager at Round Table Pizza and I got my first carpet cleaning this morning from Ryan. Not only does it look INCREDIBLE, there is no chemical like smell, it was done quickly and efficiently, and the rate that we got offered is unbeatable! Definitely would recommend for any business owners looking for an easy, affordable option!
Angela N.
Restaurant Manager
Great customer service and professional commercial carpet cleaning. Looking forward to working with them again!
Christina H.
Property Manager


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